Welkeys your property manager service dedicated to short and medium term rentals

Your Airbnb concierge relies on a team that is 100% connected and dedicated to its customers to offer them a tailor-made experience in unique properties in the heart of big cities

What is Welkeys Premium?

Welkeys premium is an "all inclusive" offer for property owners and investors. We offer to manage your property for short term rental from A to Z.

What do Welkeys Premium services offer?

Your listing is highlighted by our listing manager through the drafting and casting on the various booking platforms such as Airbnb or Booking.com. A Revenu Manager optimizes the price of your listing in order to have an optimal profitability. Our Guest and Logistic Managers team strives to satisfy your customers by carrying out operational management before and during the stay of your travelers in order to guarantee them an experience that meets their expectations. To answer any questions, our account manager will be your dedicated contact.

What is Welkeys Club?

Welkeys Club is our unique property booking platform with high-end services in the heart of the unique accessible cities by our owners and their business and leisure travelers.

What is the motto of Welkeys?

Live, share!

See you very soon on Welkeys.com

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