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Welkeys is the perfect mix between « Welcome » and « Keys » , two concepts that mean a lot to property owners when renting their flats on peer-to-peer platforms. Welkeys handles both Welcoming of your guests and keep your keys safe.

Welkeys is for property owners and investors wishing to delegate all logistics related to the management of their short-term rentals while optimizing their revenues. Welkeys is a team of experts in short-term rentals serving landlords who want to rent on Airbnb or Booking.com.

Welcome to Welkeys, you have just knocked at the right door! Welkeys is the first concierge and management platform dedicated to short-term rentals. In case you are unable to take care of your bnb rental, Welkeys will do it for you. In other words, we create and broadcast your listing for you on the booking platforms and we optimize its price daily to ensure optimal profitability. That's not all, we take care of your travelers with a hotel-quality linen and cleaning service, maintenance available throughout their stay and an impeccable welcome. As a result, we help you with your seasonal rentals by doing everything from A to Z.

During a medium-term rental, the traveler is present from a period of 3 to 12 months. At Welkeys Premium, we first calculate the creditworthiness of your tenants. In addition to that, your Airbnb Concierge offers a cleaning service and hotel quality linen. As well as optimized revenues all year round.

Management by Welkeys

Our City Manager as well as your account manager, will be in direct contact with you for all that concerns the logistics of your property. For example, if the intervention of a craftsman for your boiler is necessary, we will get closer to you to keep you informed of the situation but also to obtain your authorization (validation of estimate) upstream.

Our Mobile Application Welkeys Premium offers you the possibility to block your dates according to your availability when your apartment is not subject to reservations made by travelers. In other words, you have the opportunity to have your hand on the calendar. So you can come home whenever you want (when there are no reservations).

As a security measure, we need 3 sets of keys at our disposal. These sets of keys will be useful for our cleaning team, our concierges and especially your travelers.

The legislation

When renting a principal residence in a city of more than 200,000 inhabitants, you can rent a short-term apartment for up to 120 days a year (ie 4 months a year or 10 days a month on average). In addition to this, you are obliged to register with the town hall to obtain a registration number. This number will then be posted on your ad on the rental platforms, in order to count the number of nights. You must also pay the tourist tax. If your holiday rental is in a city with less than 200 000 inhabitants, you are not subject to the registration number, within the limit of 120 days per year.

When you rent a second home in a city of more than 200,000 inhabitants, you are obliged to declare your apartment by completing the CERFA and obtain an authorization from the town hall to transform your living space for rent seasonal (in some cities financial compensation will be required). In addition, your 13-digit registration number must appear on all your listing.

If you have your second home in a city of less than 200,000 inhabitants, the declaration to the town hall is mandatory and the change of use is necessary in some municipalities.

Travelers staying in an airbnb rental must pay a city tax. From 1 January 2019, the tourist tax will be proportional to the price of the night (between 1% and 5%). According to your municipality, you will have to declare and pay back your income each month or each quarter. Some platforms like Airbnb are directly responsible for collecting and paying the tourist tax to your town hall.

Broadcast my listing

We write, create and cast your listing on booking platforms such as Welkeys Club, Airbnb and Booking.com.

Booking platforms take a commission percentage when booking. With Welkeys Club, you do not pay the commission of the various platforms online. Therefore, this affects the pricing of your listing.

The payment

You receive monthly income generated by your rental directly by bank transfer.

Cleaning services and linen are the responsibility of your travelers, and therefore completely painless for you.

How should my property be equipped ?

All our apartments must have a working WIFI network, a kitchen, duvets and pillows for all travelers and a vacuum cleaner, a mop and a seal for our mengage teams.

We advise you to store your personal belongings in a lockable cabinet. Your travelers will need space to store their belongings, leave a place in your closets. Remember to store your valuables safely and keep your bills when needed. Tell us the instructions of your main equipment and store your bed linen and towels we provide.


Our commission includes the creation of your listing and its connection to the booking platforms. The management of the exchanges with the travelers, the coordination of the maintenance in case of problem in your seasonal hiring, the installation of products of reception for each travelers, the provision and the maintenance of the linen of a house, an account dedicated manager to answer your questions, a dedicated revenue manager to maximize your income.

We apply a commission of 30% for the studios in order to answer our logistic needs on small surfaces, for a quality reason of benefit, being smaller surfaces with lower tariffs we have a commission of 30%.

We apply fees including: a photo shoot professional (12 to 15 photos) coordinated by Welkeys for dissemination on all platforms, the creation of your ad by a listing manager, its dissemination on the various platforms and setting up a launch strategy, setting up a professional cleaning service and linen before the first reservation.

Tracking rentals

You will have access to your account owner from your computer and our mobile application Welkeys Premium®. You will be able to download your bills and track your income in real time.

You will be able to follow your rentals directly from our mobile application.

We broadcast our apartments on trusted rental platforms like Airbnb and Booking.com. All our apartments are rented on bail thanks to our trusted partner. Finally we remind the rules of your apartment to all your travelers.