Treat your friends and win up to € 200 per referral.

Introduce your friends to our high quality property management service and win up to 200 euros. And, as we are true experts in short-term rental management, the management fees for their first rental are offered!

How does our sponsorship program work?

Send them this referral form. Once the referral form is completed and sent , our Welkeys Premium experts will contact your godsons to make a free estimate of their income. Then, when your godson has entrusted us his property in property management and the first reservation is made, you will win your gain directly on your account . For your godchild, the management fees for his first rental will be offered. It's win-win !


Our sponsorship conditions:

  1. A godson can only have one godfather. A sponsor can have as many referrals as he wants.
  2. The amount that will be paid depends on the type of property that will be entrusted to us: For a studio: 50 €, for a T2: 60 €, for a T3: 70 €, for a T4: 200 €.
  3. The management fees for the first lease will be offered for the godson.
  4. A sponsorship is considered eligible once the client you have sponsored has signed our property management agreement with Welkeys Premium and if his property meets our selection criteria.
  5. A referral is not yet a Welkeys Premium client at the time of referral.
  6. The sponsorship applies by owner and godson only. A reward can only be paid once per property.
  7. The reward will be transferred by bank transfer to the sponsor's account, once our property management contract has been signed, and the first rental made.
  8. Welkeys reserves the right to modify, amend or cancel the terms of this offer at any time without notice.
  9. Our sponsorship offer is only valid for management contracts for short term rentals.

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