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Tourism in Guadeloupe

Coconut palms, white sand beaches, turquoise waters and coral reefs... Welcome to Guadeloupe! Guadeloupe, or originally Karukera, is a Caribbean archipelago. It is made up of several islands of the Atlantic Ocean, the main ones are Grande-Terre, Basse-Terre, Marie-Galante, La Désirade and Les Saintes.

Each island of the archipelago offers breathtaking landscapes, but they are also rich in history and traditions! From the lagoons with turquoise waters to the cliffs of Grande-Terre and the tropical forest of Petite-Terre, Guadeloupe does not lack diversity. Dive into the bay of Les Saintes, one of the most beautiful bays in the world, or climb the Vieille Dame, the soufrière of Basse-Terre.

The natural environment will amaze you. Observe the mangroves, walk on the beaches of Basse-Terre with their multicolored sands : pink, ochre and black, of... Don't miss the richness of the fauna, the opportunity to observe a pelican may present itself at any time.

Les Saintes, with its nine uninhabited islets, offers many wild landscapes: from the bay of Pompierre to the local Pain de Sucre and the fortifications of Chameau which offer an exceptional panorama of the surroundings. The environment and the villages have also been shaped by the local fishing activity as well as by the culture of Indian wood.

On the gastronomic side, prepare yourself for an explosion of flavors: acras, colombos, bébélé, tourment d'amour (a cake filled with coconut), coconut sorbet... If you want to prepare your own meals, stroll through the markets. The stalls, covered with madras fabrics, display fish, spices, exotic fruits. The spice market of Pointe-à-Pitre is one not to be missed.

During your visit, learn more about the productions of coffee, cocoa and vanilla, which were widely grown in the archipelago. The other major production is rum, made from sugar cane. Visit the distilleries, Marie-Galante, which claims to be the home of rum, has no less than three. This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a ti punch at sunset, with your feet in the sand.

To experience different flavors, go to La Désirade and the islets of Petite-Terre. The islets, uninhabited, consist of a natural reserve. Go through the Désirade to appreciate its landscapes and its amazing plateau as well as its geological reserve of semi-precious stones. On your way back, you can refresh yourself with a cashew syrup punch.

In addition to the natural and gustatory side, a trip to Guadeloupe is also a trip into history. Stroll through the preserved villages and town centers, discover the fortifications that protected the islands, the Rotours canal, the ports, the Vieux-Fort lighthouse that juts out into the Atlantic Ocean.

Vacation rental in Guadeloupe

The market of the seasonal rental varies a lot according to the various islands of Guadeloupe. If some have many rentals, others have none or less than twenty. For example, La Désirade has only 13 vacation rentals while cities like Saint François have more than 1720.

Prices per night vary depending on the city and the period. A night in Saint François averages $119 compared to $92 in Gosier. To illustrate the variation according to the season, the minimum price per night is reached in September at $100 and $83 respectively. Prices rise to reach their maximum average in May with an average cost of $133 and $103 respectively.

Occupancy rates also vary widely throughout the year. Depending on the city, they average between 30 and 40%. In Gosier, the yearly average is 40% with a minimum of 13% in June and 77% in January. In Sainte-Anne, the occupancy rate is slightly lower, with an average of 33%, a minimum of 10% in June and a maximum of 71% in January.

The type of property rented is relatively similar throughout the islands and cities. It is often a house or apartment with more than one bedroom. Studios are common too, but there are few properties with more than three bedrooms.

The duration of stays varies greatly: from a few days to thirty days. In all the cities, more than 50% of the stays are for more than 3 nights. Saint-François has the longest stays, with more than 60% of stays exceeding 4 nights.



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